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Fun game! If you don't have a friend, there is some single player, too.

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Ahh so stressful! Sheep why do you run towards the boulder?? It was fun though, thanks for sharing.

This doesn't seem to run on linux, I unpack, set the main file to executable, run it, and it crashes with some stacktrace then: 

Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. This usually indicates
a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries 
used by your application.

any ideas?

I haven't tried this yet, but see if it runs on the client.

I didn't know there was one! But sadly nope, still errors :(

Same, just crashed for me on Arch Linux. What distro are you using?


same for me on Ubuntu 20.04. It ran the first time, but I switched USB controllers and tried again and now I get the error above.

Interestingly enough, it works for me now. Maybe it was fixed when I updated my system.


I am laughing watching the gameplay because it reminds me so much of my first game project on, Sheepish.

  • Black and white sheep point system
  • Tilted top down perspective
  • Similar herding mechanics
  • Bark cone
  • Countryside art theme
  • Wooden sign UI

Obviously it is plenty different in it's own right with the various obsticles and how points are made but wow feels like I am looking at a fleshed out 3D party version of it. Crazy how similar ideas can be. Thanks for the fun game and laugh!


Somehow it does not install properly from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality using the itch app

If I hit download I cannot select the game (empty). If I push install, It says there were no campatible uploads found for this title? 

If I download "" by hand, unpack - it will run but does not show up in my itch app

Any advice?

Got the same problem. Would love to have it in the app though.

Ah thanks for letting me know. I haven't used the itch app, will take a look and sort this out over the weekend!


I noticed that the other apps use a dedicated naming scheme for the packages e.g. and there is some additional package information in the package.

Works now. Thank you for fixing this! 

Disobedient Sheep is simply wonderful! A great one to break the ice with strangers or play with family and friends. Got a lot of enjoyment, child-like fun and good vibes from this quirky game. 🐑